nature + house = growhouse

With growhouse at Star Town, our focus is to keep your real needs and desires in mind, and create spaces that would truly delight you time and again. That includes a space like your balcony too, which could actually be the doorway to Mother Nature and a fuller life for your entire family. It's a home that will grow on you. Promise.

Grow kits will make your house
come alive in more ways than one.

Grow house kits
Grow house kits
Grow house kits
Well lit 1 2 BHK flats


Scientific analysis has helped identify key factors that contribute to maintaining optimum temperature levels within a home by allowing more air changes per hour (ACH).

Air Changes per Hour (ACH) is a measure of the number of times the air within a defined space (a room or the house) is replaced by ventilation.

Computer Aided Design & Simulation done
by dbHMS / Chicago, USA


Homes at Star Town offer maximum sunlight to light up your home naturally and minimize the use of artificial light fittings.

A scientific analysis of the sun path at Star Town has helped design the project in a way such that it is lit optimally by direct and indirect sunlight, from all sides.

Lux is the measure of the intensity of light within a place, as perceived by the human eye.

Computer Aided Design & Simulation done
by dbHMS / Chicago, USA

Zero Wastage Homes

Zero Wastage Homes

With it’s unique zero wastage design you get additional space compared to an ordinary home.

Zero Wastage Homes

No Passages

No odd shaped or Half Openable Terrace

No dead spaces, No wastage of Internal space

Thoughtful DesignTM

Optimum use of every inch of your home

Sun & Rain proof overhead covered “Balcony” with sliding doors.

Perfect layout takes care of all functional, furniture & storage needs

Only homes with multi-functional bath suite & utility space